God has a Plan

It has been several months since I have attended a church service and I finally went tonight. A new church and all.  It was amazing because last night I met with Jeff Brown, the author of “Working Through the Crisis” and the sermon almost was a recording of what we had discussed.

Okay so maybe you found this site because you are going through a terrible time in your life but whether it be good or bad, God has a plan!  I often forget this, and I become so self-focused that I am constantly trying to push forward so hard that I get ahead of God and end up causing myself additional hardship and stress. 

My relationship with God suffers when I get like this, and I get like this often.  I want, want, want; and now it is time for me to stop pushing, pull back, and let God work in my life and be thankful for what I DO have.  This holds true for any stage or circumstance in our lives.  We have to trust God and let Him bless us the way He wants to and not force it.  Forcing things only opens the door for disappointment.  Are you tired of being disappointed?  I know I am.