Getting in the Battle

Have you ever felt like just giving up?  Not being a Christian any more?  Honestly, I have a few times in my life but when it comes down to it I was meant to be this way.  I don’t like much of what the world has to offer.  I read the bible and that is the kind of person I want to be. I want to love, I want peace, I want salvation, I want to be slow to anger… Yet, I continually am falling short but if I can get past my self condemnation maybe I can be used by God.  For many satan is their worst enemy but it seems for me, I am my worst enemy.  My flesh won’t give me a minute of peace some days.  Some days I am screwing up minutes after repenting for something I did before.

But if I don’t stay in the battle or I give up altogether then how can I grow?  I can’t accept that I will never have victory over certain areas in my life, stubbornness, hard-heartedness, selfishness, just to name a few. While not everyone learns from their mistakes I want to be a person that does. Making mistakes is what makes a person successful, if they take those valuable lessons learned and apply them to everyday living.