Changing How you Feel

God gave us our mind and body for a reason, and they can be a powerful tool in changing how we feel. I am not talking about avoidance or denial; I am talking about choosing to feel different, to feel happy. Our body can influence our emotions if we are moping and slouched over you may find yourself depressed and sad. Think about the next time you feel sad or if you can remember the last time what your body was doing. Try pulling your shoulders back, sitting up straight, take a few deep breaths, and SMILE. Some of the best ways I found to change how I feel are things like:

  • Being playful
  • Laughter
  • Putting a spring in my step
  • Smiling
  • Fun activities
  • Acting confident

By doing something silly and unexpected you can instantaneously change how you feel. The best way to stay depressed is to think of all the things you don’t have or the things you “think” you are missing out on. If that is your focus then you are doomed to be sad.

I know if you are reading this, chances are you aren’t feeling very playful or happy and I don’t expect you too. But you don’t have to always feel that way either. Try playing with your mood and see what happens. You may be amazed at the power and control you have over your emotions. You won’t know unless you try, it is a choice!