He Is Love

You all know who I am talking about right??  Last week at church this group called Esterlyn played their song called Esther and it really touched me.  I was able to find a live performance on YouTube but the quality isn’t the greatest.  I recommend sitting back, closing your eyes, and just listening.

He heals the broken hearted
He binds their wounds
He is love
He finds those forgotten
Those who’ve been abused
He is love
He knows your name

A Father to the fatherless
A healer of the brokenness
You make beauty from the ashes
A helper to the helpless
A fighter for the hopeless
You Love those who are alone
He comforts the lonely
He hears their cry

He is love
He holds the children
Throughout the night
He is love
He knows your name
Give us your heart Lord help us love the unseen
Give us your eyes Lord help us love those in need

2 Replies to “He Is Love”

  1. This song really touched me. Going thru a seperation. Went thru it once before and this time I am filing for divorce. i had to have my spouse leave to drug issues and he has lost 2 jobs and will not seek help. God is pulling me thru this and I am enjoying my life more.My spouse blames me and I have been praying for him. He comes up to see our children every couple of weeks. Currently lives with his mom and is working.I am trying to just focus on what is best for my children and finish classes and live each day to the fullest with God’s help. Thanks for the song. Even thoug I have choosen this path it still hurts. I always thought marraige was foever. I know God has a plan. Tonight while tucking my kids in bed we read about Moses and God’s calling on his life. I try to instill in my kids that God has plans for us and is always there…no matter how hard it gets… Thanks..God’s Blessings

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