Does Everything Happen for a Reason

Recent events have really got me to thinking about “Does everything happen for a reason?”

I can see how natural disasters can bring people closer to God and even show the world that we can pull together for a greater purpose, putting our differences aside, but what about the smaller more personal things?

I know when it came to my divorce that it wasn’t God’s plan but he planned for it. I thought for the a long time it was to open the eyes of my ex and to make her more Christ-like but in reality it was I who became spiritually broken and humbled. When I finally removed the plank from my own eye, I was able to heal and connect in a special way with God. I have been able to relate to so many people in the world and I have talked with folks from many different countries. HMMM! An introvert homebody like me has actually been able to talk to people from India, Australia, China, etc.

There was a time I wished I could make a difference and even though it has been staring me in the face for about 3 years now I really didn’t see it, yes I am talking about I was held back with false beliefs that I had to have “formal” training and be able to quote scripture from heart to be of any use to God but that isn’t the case. I am one of the most average people you would ever meet and yet I know what it is like to experience a multitude of hardships in my life that I can relate to others. My advice might be questionable at times but that is the part that makes me unique, imperfect, and human. Ultimately, all the glory is God’s and I (we) are mere tools to reach those that need help.

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