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After 28 years of marriage, I didn’t want to be alone. The last thing I expected was divorce in my marriage. Even though my husband was not faithful, he has been forgiven by God and by me. I won’t belittle him for being imperfect. God loves him too.

I’ve begun my life again as if I were 22 years old. However, I have more bills than I did then. God is ever faithful to me. He is so magnificent and wonderful. I’ve had heartache since my divorce. I know that no matter what my situation, God is with me.

My daughter is getting married next week. I still believe God wants marriage for a man and a woman. He wants the two of them to be as one. God does not want man to separate them. I am happy for them because I know they will be blessed in their marriage.

Some day soon I will be with God in heaven. No, I am not sick but life passes quickly. My advice is to be long-sighted, not short-sighted. Our reward for winning the race is at the finish line. Therefore, finish the race and praise God for His guidance along the way.

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  1. You have such a great attitude and deserve to enjoy much peace and satisfaction in life, despite the challenges you’ve experienced. I know something of that, myself! Life is not meant to be easy but the eternal rewards will be worth the struggle on earth. is a divorce support site that focuses on a bright future after divorce. I invite you to check it out!

  2. Re-marriage is confusing for me. Not yet divorced.. in the process for over a year, tho. Friends are suggesting I start dating. I just find that idea difficult. So, for me, the idea of re-marriage is foreign. BUT. I do not like being alone. I want to be married. I liked being a part of a marriage. My Prayer is simply that if it is in Your Will Lord, bring him to me. I cannot even think to look. I also am feeling rather inept at choosing the right man for me. Didnt do so well the first time. So, I am leaving it up to the Lord.
    The Lord knows your heart. Your needs and will fulfill those needs through your Prayer with Him.
    I just wanted to write, and say, I am right there with you.. Wanting to be close again to a man, in a marriage. But, not knowing how, when or.. if… I am probably older than you are, I am pushing 50. So… It is a bit harder, for me to imagine marrying again. Though, I know many people who have found love again in later years. It is possible. Anything and everything is possible when we are walking the path of the Lord.

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