Support Groups - Why Not?

Call to Fellowship

by Jason Deines

in Rants and Raves

Heck if you live in Boise Idaho I am always up for a cup of coffee, movie, or a game of pool. And I am not just talking about with the opposite sex either. Who knows maybe we can start small group for locals to hang out and do things with on occasion. Gather at the park for a few and watch our kids play. I am sure there are a lot of possibilities. I could check into setting up a group on but lets see if anyone responds. I might be able to manage it through the website, especially if it is only I that attend.

The reason I say this is not because of lack of faith but the majority of my traffic comes from California, Texas, and New York which also brings me to asking this. How much more would people like to get involved? Would anyone be interested in a chat forum, maybe a video support group of some kind? What is it that you feel is lacking, maybe we can come together and help each other and others down the road. We could all share in this ministry and allow God to bless so many through each and everyone of you. Pray and think on it…. All I know is that I would like to learn more about people from different areas of the world, life is more about divorce and we can share our lives with one another.

Shoot me back some feedback and lets see where God takes this… it may have merit or it may not but unless we take those steps we will never know, but I do know for certain companionship will get us through the hard times.

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1 Claire

Not from your town.. But, like the thought of a day in the sun with fellow believers, in a kind and fun arena. Life has handed me, and so many others a difficult hand to play. It is nice to be able to dream of sitting and being in a good place for a little while, at least :)
Good Luck..

2 Jason

Thanks Claire,

Heck I don’t know what exactly to do. It just seems a lot of people are hurting out there and I want to do more.

3 claire

Funny, I just got off the phone with a friend, who is also hurting.. I was just saying how I want to be able to do more for those around me. Know how you feel.
Reaching out is difficult for me. Emotionally, I mean. I dont want a romantic intanglement.. But, gosh.. I miss the connection with a man. Seems like I can’t do one without the other. But, here, on your webpage. Reading your notes, the notes and comments from others.. helps.
You are helping. Maybe you will always feel like you’d like to do more. Maybe that is just the way you are built. Never enough to give. I never feel like I am done. Wanting to do more though is good thing, I think.
Thank you for all you are doing!

4 Jason

God created man and women to compliment one another, I guess emotional entanglement is part of the deal. :-)

Thanks for the compliment… God is good and since you have a desire to help I am sure He is using you as well.

5 Jackie

I love the thought of a group meeting like that….and yes, there are so many of us hurting. However, where I live in Central PA there aren’t many resources. I attend a grief group at my church and that helps but it is hard to find anyone my age(38) going through the same thing. I wish I had a group to turn to, even just a friend around the same age dealing with the same sadness.

6 Jackie

It never feels like enough is being done for the hurting. Many times you do feel alone. But you know that there are many out there that are hurting like you. How do you reach out? How do you connect? I have started a ladies bible study in my home and my doors are open to everyone! I have ladies that are still grieving divorce some 10 – 20 years after the divorce. It made me wonder why? After listening to many of these women, it is apparent that they keep reliving the pain and the rejection instead of finding ways to let it go. Its only been a year for me and my divorce is still not final. I feel like healing is better when you can reach out in love and have compassion on others. It feels good to encourage someone and make them smile. I’ve never loved people more and I’ve never told people I love them more. Because of the rejection in my life, it actually has made me a better person. I’ve become more compassionate, more understanding. But I still feel like I need to do more! I am finding that when I focus on others needs, my pain seems to go away. Imagine that…when I loose my life…I gain my life…when I stop focusing on me…the pain seems to disappear…I like that. I’m gonna start finding more ways to reach out and love others. I want to encourage you now and tell you I love you and I am sorry that someone hurt you so much. You have to know that God loves you, do you know how valuable you are? God has a wonderful plan for your life. It doesnt matter who comes into your life or who goes out. God’s plans for you, have not changed! You can heal! Reach out and love on someone, anyone that’s the beginning of healing and most likely part of the plans God has for you. :o)

7 Jason

Well said Jackie!!

8 Stephanie

I am not from your town either! It’s good to hear that perhaps one day we will all be fine and maybe even better off. I am leaving my husband this Friday as he asked me for a divorce. He thinks it’s okay for Christian men like himself to go out with other Christian women alone without his wife. He has way to many female friends. I know he has had an affair – I’ve got the evidence but what’s done is done. I just feel so alone – I know God is right with me where ever I go but that doesn’t take the place of someone whose shoulder I could cry on. I will hang in there but in the meantime it’s good to be on this site getting encouragement. Thank you!

9 Jason

The feeling of loneliness will come and go. It does get easier and I completely understand what you say about having a shoulder to cry on. Companionship is important and God will get us through, I say “us” because I too struggle with that at times. I have been single so long I have no idea what to do.

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