Spring Time Blues

I find it quite interesting how my emotions can suddenly take what was a wonderful day and turn it into a day of feeling loss. Unlike winter time when a person tends to slow down and spend more time at home, spring time is characteristic of action, work, play, and companionship.

Its great to get out and mow the lawn for the first time, apply the first application of fertilizer, and turn on the water. There is an excitement and anticipation of a new season and new growth. I love living in an area of the country where I get to experience all four seasons, but there are times when the first few weeks of spring can get to me if I let them.

People are walking hand and hand down the street or riding their bikes together; people start exercising and improving their physical appearance. Suddenly it seems that the couples at church are more abundant and there are new babies being pushed around. The constant reminder of family and it can get a bit overwhelming. The winter depression starts to lift as there is less overcast and more sun. What is a person to do when they start to feel like falling in love again but just don’t know how to do it or are scared?

I have tried to meet ladies from time to time and to be quite honest I find it difficult. I have not dated one girl in the past three years that had a potential for a long-term relationship. Likely because I was not ready but also I find it difficult to find single eligible women to correspond with. The past couple I showed interest in, even though they were not wearing rings, ended up being married and that was a bit embarrassing. It can make a person nervous to approach anyone. Who knows!

I guess the point is that spring brings on feelings of wanting a relationship with the opposite sex. I think it is only natural and by me writing how I feel this very moment it is helping me to let go and put my trust in God that in His way and in His time it will happen and it will be better than I ever imagined. I can lift my head up high, take pride in which I am as a Christian and know that whomever God has for me will be someone better than I could have ever picked for myself. It is that thought that keeps me hoping and waiting.

Working through these emotions does take me a bit of time and I do try to avoid places that will make it more difficult for me, however, I still attend church because we have friends and other people we can talk to, which will distract us from our emotions. There is a lot of talk about how we can control our emotions, and I have said a lot of it, but I do think it is a bit harder than it sounds. But with practice, with a smile, and with self-confidence it can be done. And let us not forget that God didn’t create us to alone so don’t isolate yourself and miss a wonderful spring because of those on and off feelings of wanting companionship.

So for today: know that God loves you! God has a plan for you! God wants companionship for you! And you are much more approachable if you are smiling!

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  1. Newly divorced, (it was final April 16th) I crave a relationship. I left him. I had no love for years. I know this is all wrong. God is love they say and I’ve known his presence. I feel I’ve wronged him, yes I’ve sinned. I don’t know why he’s given me such strong emotions..going to church for so many years..seeing the couples hand in hand, arms around each other..me alone and my ex at home..”you want to come to church?”..no, the race, the golf, the fishing, the whatever is on…I wanted to be one of those couples..I still feel this need but don’t want to hurt anyone or myself ever again..there are no dates on these posts..I wonder if anyone is here..

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