Should I submit to another polygraph?

I will try to make this as concise as possible. It’s a
very involved issue. Many years ago (15 yrs) my husband accused me of being unfaithful. I took a polygraph, which I passed. Yet he still held beliefs without sharing with me, he didn’t think the polygraph was true. I have NEVER given him any reason to doubt my fidelity. Now, fast forward to present day.
I deal with chronic nerve pain and have a disablity. All became worse after this trauma in our marriage. He ended up divorcing me, in 2009, saying the reason being was the 1995 alleged affair… saying I didn’t pass the polygraph!!! and he has biibical grounds to end our marriage. He’s shared this with our 2 grown children and our younger son, 15 at the time, our son who I was extremely close made the choice to live with his Dad because of that information shared with him. Even then I continued to trust the Lord would work everything out and the truth would come to light. Even some of my life long friends have now sided with my ex, because of lies he’s told. They knowing the circumstances of me submitting to and passing a polygraph all those years ago. It’s as if they have forgotten the nightmare I lived through in order to save my marriage and not desert my husband during some kind of emotional breakdown. Yet it’s perfectly fine for him to leave me since I’m disabled and “not the women he married” his words.
I am totally confused, and devastated.
My question? Should I submit to another polygraph?
To be honest, I’m kind of ready for a “in your face moment!” I’m just so tired of his lies and totally brazen way in which he goes about life with now consequinces
after ripping our family apart.. I could really use some Godly counsel.
Thank you very much for taking the time to
read this email.

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  1. Linda, here is my take on the situation. What’s done is done and God knows the truth. Whether you submit to another polygraph won’t make any difference because your ex will believe what he wants to believe in order for him to feel justified. As for your friends, they should know better and I would examine their true friendships and think about finding new friends.

    We have all made mistakes and friends are no exception. They should stick by us no matter what. I don’t know if this counts as godly counself but I would be looking around for new places to serve God and establish new relationships. God will deal with the rest.

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