The Miracle Cure

I for one don’t like pain, especially emotional pain. It can linger on and after you think you have it licked it creeps back up from what seems like out of nowhere. I for one have prayed for a miracle cure to remove all emotional pain during my divorce. I would have given anything to not feel ANYTHING.

Logically, I knew there was no quick fix. Emotionally, I begged and hoped for one. I know that God can instantly heal all wounds, even emotional ones, however, He typically doesn’t do that, at least I have not heard anyone tell me that after divorce God immediately took away their pain.

Now that I can look back I can see reasons for there not being a miracle cure for the pain divorce causes. For starters, when we encounter pain and suffering in our lives we tend to cry out to God. We draw closer to Him and recommit ourselves to His will. Secondly, through our experiences, we become walking testimonies to others out there that are going or will go through the same things. We have the tools to reach out and more than empathize but sympathize with those whom also are going through a tough time.

We are born into a battle between Light and darkness, and through our lives, we are given the tools, guidance, and strength through our Lord to make a difference. Don’t get discouraged by your pain during this time but use it to grow. Draw strength from your Lord Jesus Christ and place your hope in Him. The pain will come and go, and there will be days you just don’t think you can take one more minute but trust me, you can, and its time God will heal you and make you stronger.