What God is Doing for Jay

Dear Friends:

Back in December I posted a message for support because my wife had left me after 17 years of being together. I wanted to update everyone who was kind enough to offer their prayers and support. In May, my divorce was final. This ordeal has been an incredible journey for me. I have learned that the Lord is with you and you must trust in him when everything in your life feels broken. I still feel that my situation was incredibly unfortunate and sad, but I am finding the strength to move on. Remember, the Lord knowns your pain and he will comfort you. Give yourself the time to except the pain, gain strength, and finally move on with a renewed spirit. I believe that the Lord will guide your life in times of trouble, just have faith. If I gained anything from this experience, I have learned faith indeed can move mountains.

God Bless all of you who are going through this ordeal.

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  1. My husband of 22 years left on Feb 9, 2010, filed for divorce in may, with a finalized date on March 29th. 2010 was the worst and the most blessing. I didn’t think I could/would survive this ordeal but Godhas made His presence known to me. Your work
    Words are so encouraging to me. May you to continue to stay close to God and grow. God bless! Brenda

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