What About the Children

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by SNAN

My husband has moved in and staying with another woman – I obviously would like divorce but worried about my two children 6 and 9 and how they will be able to cope with this. how do i getto know God’s advise?

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1 Jason

God does allow for divorce when adultry is involved and knowing His will depends on what you feel He is saying to you. Your husband obviously is not interested in the marriage so if it were me I would move on. Either way it is confusing and hard on the kids. Getting a peice of paper that says you are divorced should not matter much. Divorce is hard on children and it is confusing them. Seek out resources that can help you explain to them what is going on and ways to handle their emotions. I love Amazon.com and typically buy used books because they are cheap.

2 DJ

You can trust God with your childrens recovery. Divorce is so hard but taking the brokenness of our lives and making something beautiful out of it is not only something God does, its his specialty! I was very worried about my four children when it happened to us, but I followed Gods leading as closely as I could and I have seen miracles happen in all their lives. God is good, he not only will bring you through as you look to him, but he will bless your children also.

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