How to Deal with Seeing Ex with The Other

Submitted by Verne

How do you deal with seeing your ex with his new woman or the woman he had the affair with that ended your marriage? I find myself narrowing my world and racing from point A to point B so I don’t run into them (live in a small town).

I thought I was doing well (it has been 18 months) till he moved the new love of his life in. Then it all returned like it was yesterday.

I MUST work with him and one of the mistresses every day (the explanation of that is long and complicated but, please, trust me—there aren’t any viable options to it.)

I thank God for every new morning and then I ask Him why am I still here.

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  1. Your situation seems to be quite difficult. Ordinarilly I would just recommend that you not focus on them but having to be around them all the time makes that difficult. What you can do is know that God is with you and God has a plan for you. Look forward to the great things that will be coming your way and don’t let their “supposed” happiness deter you because you know your ex’s faults and they don’t go away just because he met someone else. Practice forgiveness towards them both, hold your head up high, and be the best you can be. Your emotions don’t have to control you!

    Trust me I know your feeling, I hated seeing my ex. I never knew which boyfriend was going to open the door when I came to get my daughter. It bothered me! I chose to stay alone because I knew I had issues to work out and that is what I have been doing ( I hope). If we don’t deal with our faults then we are simply going to take them from one relationship to the next. Now my heart breaks for my daughter because her mom remarried without dealing with the issues and ultimately her relationship is going to fail. So my daughter has to go through this crap again.

    By any chance is God telling you to move? 🙂

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