Have You Earned Gods Favor Today

Day after day, year after year have you been trying to earn God’s favor and feel like you are failing miserably? Well, you should! I know that I tried to earn God’s favor for years and it wasn’t until I experienced the brokenness of divorce that I finally understood what the grace of God actually is.

Living the Christian life can be unsatisfactory if you don’t understand the concept of grace. God’s love can’t be earned, God’s favor can’t be won, God’s gifts can’t be bought. Nothing that God does for us can be earned, NOTHING. It is only by His grace that we receive.

For some strange reason, we impose rules, regulations, and standards for what it means to live a Christian life. If we follow our guidelines then we are a good Christian; if we don’t then, we are bad Christians. Things such as reading our bibles, giving, volunteering, praying, attending church, controlling our thoughts, and living sin free are the things that we place importance on. If we do them all perfectly then, we are loved by God, and He is proud of us. From my own experience, I failed on a daily basis and never seemed to feel close to God. The problem with this mentality is that WHEN we fail, we set ourselves up for disappointment, not God’s but ours. It is by God’s grace that we are forgiven, and we can’t lose the love of God. We don’t catch God by surprise by the things we do, and we should realize that we are His creation and He sees us through “Jesus goggles” (He sees the results).

The point is if we live our Christian lives by our standards and false beliefs then our lives will be unfruitful and lack peace.

Right now you are going through a divorce that you don’t want, you don’t understand, and it is tearing you apart. During this time God wants to minister to you. Receive what He has for you and let go of all the self-imposed rules and regulations. Receive His mercy, forgiveness, grace, and love. Let His strength hold you and keep you strong!

  • Surrender your hurt
  • Surrender your thoughts
  • Surrender your desires
  • Surrender your expectations
  • Surrender YOURSELF

One Reply to “Have You Earned Gods Favor Today”

  1. Jason,
    You’ve done it again… Brought me to tears.
    Surrender. I thought I had. Thought I had completely surrendered to Jesus… BUT no. Not completely. It is the holding back.. that caught me by surprise. Didn’t see the full magnitude of complete surrender.
    Thank you for catching me holding back.. just a little.. Just a little.. is a whole lot sometimes !!

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