Pastors as Counselors

Submitted by Natashia

So after much prayer and some advice from fellow Christians I have decided to go ahead and file for divorce. I went ahead and got all of the paperwork needed now it seems its just a matter of taking action. Before I file I wanted to talk with my pastor but I’m a bit hesitant. He’s an amazing pastor wonderful with children and great in almost all areas. Counseling just doesn’t seem to be his thing. I went to him once before when it seemed like maybe the marriage could be saved and the outcome was almost disastorous.
Has anybody had a similar issue? Should I suck it up and let him know what my intentions are or just go on my own?

Thank you all for your prayer and support it has meant so very much. May God keep you in his grace.

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  1. At the church I attend there are many pastors and some counsel better than others. Pastors have to take on so many responsibilities that they often get a bad wrap. Sometimes we expect so much from them that we forget they are just like us. If I were you I would not worry about offending him by going on your own or to another person for counsel.

  2. Natashia!! Yes I have had TERRIBLE reactions from male pastors with this issue. I definitely recommend going to someone probably female Christian (size her up to see if you trust her) counsellor.

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