Safe Online Community-Dating

One of the big no-nos after divorce is to run right out and start a new relationship, no matter what you ex has, or is, doing. You need to take time and work through the issues that contributed to the divorce as well as the effects of divorce.

Over the years I have tried various ways of meeting new people, in fact this website has blessed me greatly. Yet I still lack friendships – recently, I found a new website that caught my interest, Sure I have tried other sites but this oneis different and here is why:

  1. The community is actually Christian and just doesn’t claim to be in order to take advantage.
  2. The website is definitely Christian based – prayer rooms and tips.
  3. You won’t see ads trying to seduce you to porn or other websites.
  4. The community is serious about relationship. You won’t find thousands of people “winking” at you to get you to sign up only to reply to non-members.
  5. Offers safe online chat, which is nice.
  6. New members are added daily.
  7. Very reasonable pricing.

Developing new relationships become what we make of them. They all don’t have to be romantic. There are friendships, accountability relationships, support, and much more. Through the tools on the site you can touch on them all if you put yourself out there a bit. Plus making new friends is a great way to kill those lonely Friday nights.

When I joined I got a free trial but it doesn’t last long so when you sign up get started quickly and make the most of it. Learn more by clicking here.