Planning for the Unexpected

Planning for the Unexpected

by Jason Deines

in Featured, Tips for Coping with Divorce

If you are anything like me, and hopefully you’re not, you like routine, structure, and plan each day in order to get the most out of the time you have. There are those given things that take up a huge amount of our time like work and sleep but with the remaining parts we typically get to plan as we choose. Of course with the more influences and responsibilities in our lives we may have less free time to maximize. This can be challenging but over time it almost becomes second nature as habits and routines are set into motion. But what happens when the unexpected happens?

Planning for the unexpected-well you really can’t plan for it-is of course impossible but you can expect the unexpected.

As Christians we live in the mission field and on a daily basis without notice God may require our services. Not only are we to live our lives pleasing to Him but we are to be ready for what He has for us. I know I am guilty when I say that my will, my routine, my daily to dos get in the way of what God wants me to do. For one reason or another it was inconvenient, I felt uncomfortable, I was in a hurry, in a bad mood, or one of dozens of excuses. As my walk with Christ matures I hope so does my will that it becomes more about Him and less about me. Divorce has a way of breaking us completely down, faults and all to a point of complete helplessness. Then brick by brick God builds us back up and we have a desire to serve Him.

So when you are planning your next day, week, or month just remember that God is looking for those that will serve Him. If the phone rings with a crying acquaintance, if you pass a car with a flat tire, if the person in front of you at the store is a dollar short then stop and take the time to show them the love of God. I know I am going to try harder!

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