If I Only Had

If I Only Had

by Jason Deines

in Featured, Tips for Coping with Divorce

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “If I only had…” ? Better yet how many times a day do you say it? I am guilty! There seems to be those things in our lives, or lack of things in our lives that tend to make us feel like there is a void. Typically these are things that tend to be out of our reach or very slow in coming.

We think that if we had certain things in our lives we would be complete, happier, and successful but often times the opposite is true.

  • If I only had more money…
  • If I only had a better job…
  • If I only had a home to call my own…
  • If I only had a wife…
  • If I only had a nice car…
  • If I only had ________…

On the surface these aren’t really bad things to want but unfortunately we tend to develop this tunnel vision and base our happiness, self-worth, and who we are on these things. We get caught up in looking at all the things we want we lose focus on the things we NEED and what the real issues are in our lives.

I believe that God wants us to have good things but God knows what we can handle. I know on several occasions I received something I wished I had and later found out that it was one of the worst things for me. You’ve heard the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.”

Living life for God is not about waking up each day thinking – if I only had – it is about realizing that we are tremendously blessed already and when we seek His kingdom first we will be content and have great blessings in our lives. Mathew 6:33 – But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. When our will is in alignment with Gods happiness and contentment comes naturally.

When we place so much importance on things we are entering the world of idolatry and that separates us from God. Things can’t fill the void, only God can. Things have their place in our lives and some are worth working for but they should not define who we are.

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