Divorce Recovery Book

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Linda

I was divorced many years ago; in fact have been married again for 18 years. I am going to facilitate a divorce recovery class at my church in January; please recommend a good teaching book from the Christian perspective. Thanks. Linda

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1 Jason

Linda, I am not familiar enough with the various resources out there to provide you with a resource that I am familiar with first hand. However, I think the Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook may be a good place to start. The reviews on Amazon speak highly of it and it is a workbook so people will actually have to “work” through the process.

2 Tim

I have actually helped lead several “Divorce Recovery Classes” and would highly recommend the material from DivorceCare.com. It is a thirteen-week study and covers basically all of the issues that a individual would go through during or after a divorce.
I would be remiss if I did not mention that in the classes I facilitate, that I strongly encourage the participants to accept as absolute truth what the bible says about divorce, and to ask themselves “Does a Christian divorce for non-biblical reasons”? After which we address the “white elephant” in the room which is the desire to re-marry someone other then the “spouse of their youth”. You cannot address divorce without addressing the issue of remarriage.


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