Divorce Ministries

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Michele

Hello, Jason!

Do you know of any group that ministers (by praying, showing they care, offering the love of God) to people at the courthouse who are divorcing, going through mediation, have FOC issues, and/or are filing motions? There is such great need for kindness and compassion there. I was thinking about starting a nationwide group if none exists.

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1 Jason

I have not witnessed any such ministry, separation of church and state probably makes it difficult; at least on organized level. But I think it is a great idea. People who are hurting for any reason could use support; with the divorce process it is not only confusing but it is emotional and the more support the better. With the divorce rate what it is, it seems to be that there isn’t enough ministries preparing people for marriage to prevent divorce and ministries after the fact to help people cope with divorce. Sure there are pre-marriage classes but marriage usually lasts a few years and there needs to be some type of maintenance ministries. Then again maybe there are and people just don’t utilize them. I know I didn’t seek things out until it was too late.

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