Additional Resources Asking for Divorce

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Chantal

which articles can i look at that are from the perspective of the person ASKING for a divorce
my son’s wife of two years is extremely mentally ill and it is to the point that he has wanted to kill himself just to get out (because as a christian he beleives he must stay married to her)

he has since decided that rather than feel the way he has been feeling and acting out in particular ways-he might as well just get out now-they are just twenty years old-married at 18 and he could never have been prepared for life with someone as mentally unstable as she is.

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1 Jason

Sorry I don’t have any resources for you. I would highly recommend professional counseling for both. But if it is to the point where suicide is preferred and even being considered instead of divorce I would divorce. It sounds that there are some mental issues for both that need to be addressed. Talk to a church pastor in your area for resources.

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