Grow, Learn and Find Happiness

“It’s not what happens to You, but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

I have been through a lot in my life. I have made many bad choices and gone down path after path that only lead to pain and suffering. The sad part is, these were all choices that I made. I was too good to listen to anyone that wanted to help me, and I was in control of my life, so I thought. I was only kidding myself. That was until I realized just how bad off I was and in need of God – a God that would rescue me from my self-destructive nature and selfishness.

I would have thought by the time I got divorced nothing would have phased me. To my surprise, it floored me! Emotional pain is one of the worst, if not the worst, type of pain that I ever had to deal with and there aren’t many things that hurt more than a supposed life-long partner walking out. I persevered, I grew, and most importantly I learned.

As in life, we all continue to learn and grow, at least we should be. Changing gears… several years ago I found myself in a management position at work, and I can honestly say that I was not prepared for what came next. People are watching you – they want to see how you are going to react in crisis; where you are vulnerable and how you deal with failure. It was during the divorce that our company brought in a management communications consulting firm, and I started to learn what I should and should not do. It was hard to lead, think, and make any form of decision for weeks but I no options. In time I became fascinated with the concepts and tools that I was learning, and they easily applied to my everyday life, both at work and outside of work.

The point is, since then I have taken upon myself to seek out the best in me. I have to believe that people change because if not then I am doomed. I know that God has changed me significantly over the years and I am still growing. I have set goals to be the best that I can be, to build character, to walk the talk, and be a man of integrity – both at work and home. I do this through many means; Jesus Christ, goal setting, meeting with a communications coach and anything that I can read that will get me closer to my goal.

Right now you may be in a place that doesn’t make sense, hopeless, and broken but it will pass… then what are you going to do? The choice is yours! Your mistakes don’t have to define who you are. Let your future be rewarding and full of happiness.