Man vs Machine

by Jason Deines

in Rants and Raves

Most probably have not noticed that over the past week I have been having issues with up time on the website. For me it has been extremely frustrating so in my efforts to resolve the problem I have changed hosting companies and moved the site. This didn’t come without cost… As I think everything is up and running working as it should, I have lost all emails for the past week.

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1 claire

I noticed that I have not been getting the emails as I used to. Miss those. Just online to check and see if “Jason” had any thoughts for me. Sorry you are frustrated. The electronic age is wonderful and at the same time, frustrating too. Hang in there.. All will be as it was, well, no not as it was, but possibly better :)

2 Jason

I think I have this taken care of. At least the site should be stable for awhile. I do need to get some more newsletters made up. Actually, I have them I just don’t have them in the queue. That WAS what I planned this past weekend. Oh well maybe next. I have some great devotionals I want to share, I am excited! Thanks Claire.

3 claire

Looking forward to the newsletter!
Thank you for all you do!

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