How Do I Turn Off the Record in My Mind

Submitted by Mary

I was married 41 years , later found out that the man I married was homosexual and he claimed he was not delivered yet and had been in the lifes for the entire lenght of the marriage, I divorced him because of the lying and often he solicited prostitues for his needs this plays like a broken record in my head over and over and I know God was in control because I don’t have aids but I do have stress related conditions based of the lenght of the relationship ,,,how do I turn off the record in my mind? and become a more productive person after this trauma how do you get up and go on?

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  1. For starters, make sure you are working through the issues of grief and loss. Get involved in your church and community. If we have too much spare time on our hands we often fall victim to our thoughts. God doesn’t want us living in the past. It binds us and keeps us from moving forward, just as you are experiencing. Forgive, look up, and look to the future. The next time the record starts to play – visualize walking over to the record player, picking up the needle, then the record, and bust it into a million pieces. Replace that record with something that brings you JOY. Sit and do a “to do” list and focus on what you need to get done. Think of things that make you laugh and warm your heart. Make every effort to not sit and think about the things of the past. We can control what we think about we just need to make the decision to change our thoughts. It will come with practice. If that record keeps getting on the player keep busting it up and putting on a new one.

    I understand how the thoughts sneak their way in and the next thing you know it has been hours, your mood is negative, and you feel like you are spinning your wheels. I would laugh at myself, even out load, when the thoughts would come. “Jason here we go again.” Smile, Breathe, and Choose to think about something ELSE.

    God bless you and may He provide you with the thoughts and the healing to get you through this valley. God has great plans for you and that is what you should set your eyes and thoughts upon.

  2. thank you for your kindness in responding to my problem and for sure set your affections on things above rings true and what soever things are pure, good and peaceful comes to mind , I will meditate on good things ,easier said than done when you have spent more time agonizing than celebrating but now I can because I believe that God will turn my mourning into dancing and thats a promise , jer 30 17 said I will restore your health and heal your wounds and wounds are of the mind and heart on The Great physician can do that.

  3. What helped motivate me to stop going over all the negative stuff in my head was the fact that God had set me free, and I didn’t want to waste that. I figured the only thing worse than the pain of the negative years I had spent, would be to hang on to them and continue to live them even though I no longer had to. God had a much better future for me than that and I know He has for you too. Your life is your own again, you can follow God unhindered, that’s such a wonderful thing and when the pain subsides I know you’ll appreciate it so much. It just takes time. But take heart, there’s joy ahead, because God saves the best till last!

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