Practicing Communication

For a long time, I thought I was a good communicator, but the truth was I had a lot of improving to do. I had good intentions, but intentions don’t always add up to much. I didn’t realize the areas of improvement until things started to go wrong at work. I started having employee issues and was completely caught off guard on several occasions. In fact, things were blowing up right under my nose, and I did not see it… hmm – sounds like my marriage!

Even at the age of thirty-something, I am still being schooled in the art of communication. I have learned that communication is like a pyramid and the higher you get, the more intimate communication is. The problem I was having was not understanding what people, women in general, require. They like the small talk, to talk about their weekend, and their kids – my problem was I liked to come in and jump straight to work, I had not worked my way up. (Side note: men tend to deal with this better than women, so I have been told)

As I spent hour after hour with the consultant, he shared with me a great idea. Online dating in order to practice communication, hence one of the reasons I joined I was intrigued by what he was suggesting. I wasn’t there to meet the woman God had for me but to practice communicating, to learn to read other people, to develop a quick response to any question, and to deal with rejection – everything that a person encounters in their work and personal life.

I think we all can work on our communication and with communication comes great listening. When a person talks about their ex you know, they are not over them. If they repeat themselves then you know that topic it is important to them and they don’t feel you have heard them. There are so many golden nuggets that you can get out of practicing good communication, and the so-called “online dating” platform can serve that purpose well. Healthy communication is a great way to strengthen current relationships and prepare the way for future ones. If you feel that you are in a place in your life where you could benefit from this, you should give it a shot. I have met many neat people and had really good conversations. Put all expectations aside with looks, fame, and money and just have some great conversations. Be open and honest about your intentions and feelings won’t be hurt in the end. One gal I chat with refers to herself as an experiment, but you know what? We are having fun! There are many different sites you can choose from, I like Christian Cafe because they are like-minded people. So if you take the plunge, have fun!

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