Success Story

A few months ago I posted a prayer request for my family. My wife of 16 years had decided that she no longer loved me and hadn’t for a long time. She had given up. She wasn’t even willing to try. By the time she had told me that she no longer loved me it was too late, she had already checked out. A short time later, after a very short separation, she filled for a divorce on Aug 17th of 2010. We were divorced on Sept 28th, 16 years after we were married on Sept the 9th. She walked away from a life that God had given us and the best place to raise our two wonderful kids. To say that my life was destroyed would be an understatement to say the least. I was devastated that she never said anything to me about how she was feeling. She never gave me a chance to fix anything that she was having trouble with and how it was affecting her love for me. She felt that the only way she was going to be happy was to divorce me and find someone she could love again. The whole time this was going on God keep telling me not to give up, hold on. No matter how much I prayed or studied his word, it kept coming up with the same thing…..Don’t give up. I even started to pray that he would allow me to stop Loving her. But he wouldn’t. I kept telling him, but it kills me to continue to love her and then not have her. GOD, please let me stop.

I would tell God, please just let me move on, it would be so much easier. But he just wouldn’t, he continued to allow me to LOVE her. In all she had done and would do in the month ahead, he NEVER LET ME STOP. It was hard but I knew that the only way I was going to get past what had happened and what was going to continue to happen to me, was to fully trust in God, NO MATTER WHAT. During my time of trials God used one particular song to minister to me, and it’s by Kerrie Roberts Called “NO MATTER WHAT” I found unbelievable comfort in it. It says that no hardships come unto me unless they first go through the fathers hands first and that he is capable of removing all pain and suffering, but if he doesn’t I will praise him “NO MATTER WHAT”. Well last week God showed me why he didn’t allow me to stop LOVING HER. He was working on her, convicting her of what she had done. What she had given up. Who all she had hurt. He finally brought her to her braking point. And in doing that she realize where she belonged and what true love really was.

And she came back to me, PRAISE GOD, SHE CAME BACK TO ME. I knew I served an AWESOME GOD, but now my faith in all my years as a Christian has never been where it is today because of what he has allowed to happen in our lives. In Romans 8:28 it says that All thing work together for GOOD to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. I believe that with all my heart. He has used this horrible thing that he hates to show two People what a loving, gracious, forgiven Heavenly father we serve. He has given us a second chance. We had taken each other for granted. We had taken God for granted. BUT NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now my prayer request has changed. Now I would like for all of you to pray that God continues to show us what a second chance is WORTH and that we never ever loose site of that.

And that we never ever take each other or God for granted. I PROMISE TO LOVE,HONOR AND CHERISH MY WIFE AGAIN, BUT FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!!


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  1. That is an amazing story, and Praise God that He continued to work in you, as well as your wife. My wife left about 5 weeks ago, so i’m still a little raw from it. But there is something that touched me from your story. Lately, all I’ve been listening to is christian music. Whether it be on the tv, or on our local christian radio station. And guess what song always grabs my attention, “No matter what”. I hear this song atleast 2 – 3 times a day. When I saw what you wrote, I honestly got shivers because of how it made me feel, and to see it affect someone elses life in such a way, I can only describe it as Gods love. He is very real. God bless you brother, and again, it brings joy to my heart to hear of you rekindled with your wife.

  2. I’m glad it worked out for somebody. Much like you I have prayed for God to stop the hurt & to make me just not love or hurt over her anymore. Prayed for God to change me, change her , change the situation , anything.

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