Who Am I Now

Submitted by CJ

My husband of 24 years walked out leaving 2 teenage boys and myself. He has filed a motion to not support us at all and I have filed for Divorce based on Adultery, of which I have proof. At times, I have what I call my identity crisis. Who am I now? For 24 years I have been “the pastors wife”, so who am I now?

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  1. Hmmm… I think we all go through this to some degree. The longer a person was married the harder it can be but I think the answer is still the same. You are a child of God, the bride of Jesus, a sister in Christ, and a mother. It is going to take some time to find your identity but you will and I think you are going to rebound fine. Define yourself by what God says you are not the opinion of others. God Bless You!!!

  2. Get a good attorney. I can’t see a judge saying no to taking care of you and the kids, mine didn’t when my ex didn’t want to support me and the children.

    Jason is right we do all go through the “Who am I now” I can tell you in a year you will go through some big changes some will be hard some will make you stronger and some will make you smile at the yourself. You are strong and you will amaze yourself. Remember to laugh when it’s funny and hold fast to God, He will lead you through this. I promise.

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