Why God Heals Some Marriages and Not Others

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Dorothy

I am struggling over why God heals some marriages but not others. I was married for 21 yrs. to an emotionally unavailable man. He never did truly engage in our family. He basically provided a paycheck and sex. He was also very controlling. I have since figured out that he is a passive aggressive bully. I definitely know there are areas I could have improved and was willing to get marriage counseling, but he was not. Two weeks after we split up, he ran out and found another woman. It has been even more devastating to the kids and I than the actual divorce and has complicated everything. I really did want my marriage to work.

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1 Jason

I believe God wants to heal every single one of our marriages but it comes down to free will of both parties to ALLOW God to do so. God never forces us to do anything, unfortunately He gave us free-will to make our own choices and boy do we make some wrong ones.

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