Will We Make It

Submitted by David

Quick question…my divorce and situation I believe may be one of those “exceptions”. It’s been a year and things are getting worse. I have 6 kids too. Lost my job, no money and Christmas…right here. Anyway, I had a high paying job and a couple of mind lapses best I can describe…stress, medicine..etc. Well, was going to keep it short…my point…times for some get worse and we don’t make it?

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  1. David, your point is well taken and I understand what you are saying. Even people that have what they need seem to feel the way you do at times. But do you want to look at the situation you are in as hopeless and “just the way it is?” Or do you want to continually have hope for something better? No matter how bad things are, hope can bring joy and change. Never give up that hope and someday you will look back and thank God for what you learned during this time. May God pour out His love and grace upon you and restore your hope in Him that there is a greater purpose. David don’t give up on your marriage… when you make it through this you are going to be amazed at God’s glory!

  2. David,
    Take each step at a time. I know it sounds stupid but you need to break it all down. Christmas and 6 kids can be hard because you want to do so much for them. They will understand that it won’t be like all the others. Look for help. We have a church in this area that lets you shop for the kids at a big discount. Check for help. Oh and don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s okay think about it you’d tell others to seek it out.

    As for a job keep trying never give up. You may have to take less but you can move up.

    Jason is right hope is a lot to hold on to.

    Praying for you

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