Why Bad Things Happen

Submitted by Bridget

I just got in trouble with my college for academic integrity. I only copied one line and I know that was stupid but I’m in so much trouble. On top of that I was suppose to move in with a new roommate, but she no longer wants to. So now I am stuck with two roommates who take my things and are rude. I’ve been through so much in my life dealing with the death of friends and loved ones, a family member in prison, and a family torn apart. I just want to know why all these bad things keep happening to me and my family. So if you have any idea why these things keep happening could you please give my a inkling.

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  1. Hi Bridget,

    Sorry to hear about the troubles you have been going through and I really don’t have an answer for you. It is just life and some people seem to get more than they counted on. And a lot of times it is because of the choices we make. When we do wrong or act hastily there typically are consequences for doing such; people end up in prison for a reason. Death is part of life and sometimes people we love leave us before we are ready but ultimately it will come for all of us.

    The good thing is we can learn from our mistakes and be better Christians. Things just happen and you should not let circumstances make you a victim. Work at being the best you can be, make sound decisions concerning the things you do, and know that you have a purpose.

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