Ex Rummaging Through Stuff

Submitted by Mike

Hello, I am hoping to get some great replies on this question. I am having a very hard time with it. My ex-wife came over this morning to pick up our 6 year old. I had too leave a go to work early. My 6 year old was here with my 16 year old. She let herself in with her new boy friend…Went into MY bedroom to see my sons ferret and also rummage through the closet looking for a pair of his shoes. I am very angry about this and need advise before I confront her on this matter.

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  1. Mike, I would not be very comfortable with that either. I think maybe this time you should let it slide, I guess that depends on the volitity of your relationship. If you feel you can confront her and tell her you felt that was inappropriate then go for it. Otherwise, next time make sure everything is ready and waiting at the door for her when she picks up the 6 year old. It is kind of weird for her to bring in the BF. Don’t see why he didn’t wait in the car… Anyhow, I hope this advice helps a bit.

  2. I understand. My ex just about moved that woman in here. I had my attorney make sure that she couldn’t come in. However, not that they are married I feel that I need to allow her in once in a while. My ex isn’t taking the fact that I don’t want them in my home going through my things very well. It’s hard when you have children. They need to see their dad but I hate that he looks at my mail and get things when ever he wants. I’ve even been told about him eating my food.

    The biggest thing is that the children are taken care of. I let him in to take care of them when I’m working. I would talk to her and let her know that they crossed a line.

  3. It’s stuff like this that is soooo frustrating, especially at the beginning. But venting your anger over things like this can make things harder for everyone, including your kids. My advice is don’t say anything until you are calm cool and collected about it. Then lay out some ground rules for her, with what is acceptable in your home. No matter what your ex does (and sometimes it’s amazing what they do…and not in a good way!) you’ll never regret acting with maturity and dignity. Pick you battles.

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