Best Time to Join a Gym

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and joining a gym, you aren’t the only one. During this time of the year, millions are setting out trying to meet their New Year’s resolutions. The key word here is “trying” – the fact is more than one-third of New Year’s resolutions won’t see the end of January. So if you are thinking of joining a gym and want to wait until the crowd thins outs a bit wait until February. There are probably over a dozen reasons to join a gym, and even if you are going through a hard time, you should still consider it.

In the Wake of Divorce Why Join a Gym?

Exercise Improves Your Mood – I think we could all agree that we could use some improvement in our mood. Got to love those endorphins!

Exercise Helps Manage Your Weight – I eat when I am stressed and exercising helps manage my weight when I indulge in foods that I really shouldn’t.

Exercise Boosts Your Energy Level – Due to lack of sleep, stress, and emotional ups and downs energy levels deplete quickly. Recharge with a 30-minute workout at the gym.

Exercise Promotes Better Sleep – Sleepless nights are no stranger to anyone going through a divorce. Exercise will help…

Exercise Can be Fun – Exercise doesn’t need to be boring. There are so many different activities to choose from at many gyms. Check it out and find something that interests you. By finding group activities to participate in you can also build new relationships.

Exercise Promotes Confidence – When you look and feel good you have confidence.

Exercise Helps Manage Depression and Stress – I know we all get stressed after divorce and it can lead to depression. Exercising helps prevent that and in the long run will help you heal quicker, yes even from emotional pain.