How to Deal with Ex’s Lies and the Children

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Kat

My ex tells my daughter that he and that woman weren’t having an affair. The elders of our church told them that they couldn’t work together when it was seen, most of our friends and my family saw it but they still say they didn’t have an afair. He even said that he wouldn’t give her up for me. . .I didn’t ask. 6 months after we were granted the divorce they married. They both lie to my daughter and I’m left trying to answer her questions. She is so confused about it all. Have any of you had to go through this?

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1 Jason

This sort of thing is very unfortunate and sadly it hurts the children. I have often struggled with finding the right things to say because when you put it out there the children think you are calling their other parent a liar. That doesn’t go over well. In time as the children grow they are capable of understanding things better. When my ex says something about me that is hurtful to my daughter and she tells me or calls me the name I just talk to her about it the best I can and show her each day that I love her and that I only want to take good care of her. The truth will expose itself in time…

2 Milly

Thank you Jason.
I struggle with the fact that he is so angry that I divorced him. He’s the one who cheated on me more than once. He’s the one that chose that woman. It’s still a suprise to me that he thought he would win in court when he did all the things that he did. I hurt for my children when he is so ugly to me and them. And you are right the truth will expose itself and all of us have a lot to learn.

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