How to Be Happy and Married

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Brittany

I have mixed feelings. I am unhappy with my marriage, it has been nothing but a constant struggle for 6 years. We have two children and a house, so I dont want to leave. But my husband is controlling, uses my past against me,says hurtful things daily. He has a hard time forgiving me for things that even happened before we were together. We have seeked help once and havent been back. I just dont know if we are happy together. But he seems to think that it would be worse if we werent together. I just want what is best for our children and I want to be happy and fullfilled. Please help me with anything that you have to say. I am lost.

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1 Jason

Brittany it is completely natural for you to feel the way you do and try to fix things. You may not feel happy right now but that doesn’t mean you won’t in time. From what I have learned is that the first 7 or so years of marriage are difficult. It sounds like your husband wants to be with you and hopefully he will listen to you when you tell him that you are in pain and why. Did something happen that is making him say hurtful things to you? Was it always that way? I guess I am looking for a reason why he is treating you the way he is. Are there any areas of your marriage that are right? Embrace those and try to connect with your husband. Don’t be negative and let your husband know you really love him. I wish I could tell you more but I have failed at marriage but I do know that you should not lose hope. Be the best wife you can be and that doesn’t entail letting him walk all over you. There are many resources and books that may be able to help you.

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