God Bless You Talisha

I am happy to report that after this coming week has passed I will be divorced and legally have no more ties to my ex-husband. After a sole-searching, empty, and depressing year I am thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to serve Him and heal through this past (nearly) 15 months. God has done great things in my life and He continues to which I am beyond thankful for. I am thankful for people like you, Jason,
who have followed God’s call to minister to people who are journeying through divorce/separation. There are so many resources out there that we never know about unless we are thrust into this situation, however that may happen. Might I add that I have also learned a tremendous amount about what God thinks or thought about divorce as is written in His word. To say I am thankful for this experience may lead some to think that I am a bit loco (crazy), but I have learned so much, been dawn closer to God in so many ways, and have had opportunities to serve Him that I know I would not have taken had I remained married. So, this experience has been a blessing, even in the darkest days, in my life.

Also, I got a small taste of what married life was like. I remain hopeful that God has some special things in store for me, marriage and family included, and I can hardly wait to see what those things are. Meanwhile, I am thankful for the opportunities that He has given me to focus on while my healing continues and I continue to seek a closer relationship with Him. My prayer is that your ministry will continue to grow and encourage those who are walking through this dark, lonely journey and that they will find comfort not only from the material that your website offers, but more importantly through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.