Meeting the Right Person

Even if you hit it off with someone, it doesn’t mean that they are the right person. You may think the world of them and each time you lay eyes upon them it is like seeing them for the first time but that is a two way street, and they may not reciprocate. I used to think nice guys finished last but I don’t know if I would want to be anything but. There is a lot to be desired for a man that shows the woman in his life that she is smart, beautiful, and important. But there still needs to be more; there needs to be that chemistry, the proverbial spark that makes everything click.

Chances are we have all been in a relationship where the other person doesn’t feel as we do but that doesn’t mean it is a complete loss. We are adults, and we should have adult relationships that are honest. If this is the case, then we can learn a lot and even maybe hang onto a beautiful friendship (I tend to be an all or nothing guy).

I write this post because I have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person only to find myself being rejected. But you want to know something? That is okay! I have been rejected before, and I have discovered that I am capable of giving love and affection again. I am glad it did not work out because it wasn’t meant to be and I know someday I will meet the right person. This is simply another stepping stone on the path I travel. I do feel the loss of a friend, but I will survive; hell I survived divorce, and that was based on lies and deceit. It is different when the relationship ends based on honesty, kindness, and even a bit of love. I guess it reminds of the song, Pain… I would rather feel pain than nothing at all.

3 Replies to “Meeting the Right Person”

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of a friend and you’re so right about the honesty.

    I have found after divorce that I want only the “right” man, one that God has planned for me. So I wait for Him to sent the right man at the right time and to be honest I’m okay with the wait.

  2. You know what is really weird Kat? I know that we weren’t meant for one another and I should be relieved that it is over. I mean I have been stressed that we were unequally yoked and felt like it needed to end. Besides getting some constructive critisizm back that I don’t all necessarily agree with everything ended on good terms. So why the heck do I feel so miserable? I hate this! I really think I fear being alone and lonely even though I have been that way for so many years. Why does a little taste of love make me crazy?

  3. I understand.

    I made friends with the lady next door, we went out and had some fun while not havign to worry about men. (I know it sounds odd but we could enjoy a night out and not worry about dating) We both divorced for the same reasons so we had that to relate to also.

    Our friendsip ended leaving me feeling alone a bit. I think it the not having someone to be with that makes it hard.

    I also think that the idea of a taste a love is a huge fear that I have now.

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