Is This Acceptable Behavior

Sumbitted by Deborah

I’m worried about my mom who former husband first left her(though they tried to reconcile ) and then file for a divorced from her. She often reported that he was verbally and mentally abusive during the marriage. So I knew this would be hard for her and knew she need some healing especially since they had been in an off and on 22-year relationship prior to accepting JESUS into their life. So when it hasn’t been even three months since the divorce and my mom is seeing some guy she hadn’t even mention to me, it makes me a bit worried that something isn’t right. I don’t think it’s healthy that she lets this new guy spend nights in the home and room she shared with her former husband. Spending every weekend and even some week days and nights with him concerns me. I don’t live in IL and my mom lives in FL so we would talk at least once a week but lately I haven’t been able to reach her as before and other family members haven’t been able to either. There is other thing she doing that concerns me but what I want to know is as a believer is this acceptable/understandable behavior from someone after getting a divorced? If not, what should I do to help my mom?

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  1. Deborah I think we all need healing after divorce because it is very devastating. However, many of us don’t take the time to fully heal or deal with the issues we need to before moving into a new relationship. I also think that many people make mistakes and do exactly what your mom is doing. It is hard to be alone sometimes and I know that I have made mistakes and sinned after divorce but I have always had the love of God in my heart calling me back to Him. I am not trying to make excuses or promote this kind of behavior but it is common. I would have to say your mom’s behavior is not acceptable (that is if sex is involved) but it is understandable. If I were you I would continue to pray for your mom and remind her from time to time how God loves her. We really don’t have much control of what others do but by being a loving supportive daughter your mom may reach out to you when she is ready. Remember that this is only my opinion and you may want to ask a professional counselor what you can do.

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