Falling Out of Love

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Beatrice

Hello. My husband and I are in a rocky spot. We have had a turbulent marriage with lots of hurt and betrayal. I would like a divorce but according to Gods rules, I do not qualify. I am a Christian and I want to follow God’s word about staying married but I have fallen out of love with my husband. I am so miserable in this marriage that i physically hurt.

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1 Jason

Beatrice, I don’t know the troubles you have gone through so my advice may be insufficient but I really do recommend that you rekindle that love for your husband. I really do believe that love is a choice. Look for those things in him that you like and show him kindness and affection. There are resources out there – I would recommend giving it a shot because that way you know you did everything you could to make it work. Then if it doesn’t well… Please talk to a church pastor that deals in relationships or a professional christian counselor for tools and tips you can try. I pray that God will guide your path, soften your husband’s heart and bring you both to a place of divine bliss that you never knew was possible.

Your task for today: Find one thing that you can do for you that will start changing your life for the better. What can you do that will make you feel good?

2 Patti

Beatrice, First let me tell you as a woman who has been divorced for nearly 12 yrs now, divorce is not the answer. It is always painful when we encounter trials in our marriages, but trials make us more like Christ and that is what God wants for us. I would like to invite you to visit a wonderful web-site that is designed to save marriages. It is: marriagebuilders.com. I think you will be encouraged by the articles, books, advice and methods uses by Dr. Harley. May God restore your love and marriage.

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