Telling the Children

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Lori

I am very bitter with my spouses choice of separation/divorce. Our children have been raised in a christian home (my spouse is/was a youth pastor) and have been told all of their lives that they never, ever have to worry about their parents divorcing. I see the enemy constantly cloud my spouses vision and turning him away from the truth of God. I have no idea how to explain this to my children. Please help.

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1 Jason

I guess a lot of what you say to your children depends on their age. It is hard enough for us to understand divorce sometimes I can’t imagine trying to rationalize it to the kids. The most important thing is for them to know that they are loved and what to expect in the future. Children seem to have an unconditional love for their parents so pointing out fault doesn’t really work, plus we are all sinners, in a way we are all at fault to some degree. Anyhow… I am sorry for the lack of insight. I hope others may share what they have learned.

2 paula

Ir is so hard to remain positive with the kids in this type of situation. Believe me I know. I have had a very similar situation to you. My advice- be honest without adding to it. Kids are smart and soon figure it out. My daughter did. Separate the sin from the sinner. Their dad is still their dad even though he has made bad choices. Be their stability and live out your Christian life in front of them openly and honestly. It will make an impact and they will appreciate it. I am almost a year and one-half into my divorce. It was final in October. I finally can almost breathe without it hurting and my kids are doing better too. Hang in there. You will make it through and come out a better person.

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