Should I Marry

Submitted by Surya

I am a christian girl and I am working in a hotel since last 2 years and with me one more guy is working and he is a muslim guy, because of love failure he started drinking alcohal after two years he asked me to marry him and he also told me to he leave all bad habits if I marry him but I am a Christian girl I said no for it but he is asking me the reasons I told him that because our religion was different we can’t marry each other what should I do plz let me know.

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  1. All you can be is honest with him. Just in your short paragraph I see several red flags that suggest marriage is not the right thing to do. #1 he has issues from a past relationship. He needs to deal with this before getting into a new relationship. #2 people don’t give up bad habits after they get married. He needs to take control of his life and not put it on you to change. #3 yes, the religion difference is also huge, the bible says not to be unequally yoked and there are good reasons for it.

    Your freind needs to get control of his life before he ever gets married. It is not your responsibility to change him or help him. You can be his friend but IMHO I would not go beyond that. Simply tell him that you don’t want to marry him. If you feel you must give him reasons then give them but you don’t have responsibility to explain why.

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