Who Cares About Jason

Submitted by Ashley

Is all this website is are all these things about this “jason” guys life? How much time does he have on his hands really? Everyone in this world has problems of their own, why dedicate an entire section to this one guy? Ugh

3 Replies to “Who Cares About Jason”

  1. Ashley, this website is like my personal journal and is about me (Jason). It is more for me than anyone else but I feel that others may have some of the same questions or issues that I have so I have put it out there for them to see. I know that visitors have helped me over the years and I them. WalkingTheChristianLife.com is a medium to help people connect and support one another. If nothing else it is my “soap box”. Plus I need something to do all day while I am lounging around in my sweats watching ABN. 🙂

  2. What a waste it would be if we kept the things we have learnt (often the hard way) to ourselves. It takes a lot of courage to share all your personal stuff with the world. Which is probably why testimonies are so powerful. I have always found other peoples stories about their journey through hard times amazingly helpful in getting me through mine. So keep that soap box polished with your feet! 🙂 I know it’s appreciated.

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