What is Love

By Jay

Love is putting others before yourself. Love is finding forgiveness for others regardless of how they have wronged you. Love is loving God more than you love yourself. Love is putting your feelings aside so that God can work in a situation. Love is letting go of someone so that God can work in them. Love is letting yourself cry instead of holding it in. Love is.

Love seems to be easy to attain these days. Human beings are drawn to things that make them fall in love instantly. Why is that after a few years of marriage, we forget our anniversary date? Why is that the divorce rate is as high as it is. Real Love takes Real Work. Just ask your parents. And ask them about their parents. Todays love is a fantasy. God sent His only son to die for us, out of love. How many of us would send our only child to die for mankind? Real love is not found in bars, or on dating sites, or on blind dates. If we cannot accept the love God has for us, how are we to love others? Real love is not unattainable. God has written a whole book on the subject. We need to have foundations that are built on the word of God. And both people in a marriage need to have those foundations. Unshakeable, unmovable foundations. God inspires me everyday, and I hope that these few words will inspire you. God Bless.

One Reply to “What is Love”

  1. Well put Jay. Love is always an action and should never be confused with a feeling. I know once I was able to receive the love and grace of God I was able to love myself, in turn I was able to truly love others and real love is something that I never thought I would experience and yet I am and I am in awe of it.

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