How Do You Measure Life

The bible teaches us not to covet what other’s have, to not have any other gods, or make ourselves idols that are from heaven above or earth beneath. Let me be the first to raise my hand when I ask how many of us are guilty of the pursuit of happiness through possessions?

If we measure life by the things we have accumulated, then we are putting those things before God. In essence, we have other gods and idols. We live in a nation where we are mass consumers, and instant gratification seems to be the norm; so what happens when disaster strikes and we lose everything we have worked so hard to obtain?

I’ve compared divorce with disaster before because both are devastating and redefine life as we know it. Both make us re-evaluate our lives, beliefs, and even our faith. There are so many uncertainties in life and if you build your life around them then someday you may find it crumbling to the ground. The greatest things in life aren’t “things” they are relationships, especially your relationship with God. You can never lose the love of God, and it is the love of God that will get you through the toughest times of your life.

I know many people have questions when faced with divorce. Their lifestyles are drastically changing; incomes are being split in half, possessions divided, workload doubles, and the questions far outweigh the answers, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get better, that you won’t get stronger. I know many people, including myself, during the divorce process I found myself closer to God; changing the way I measured my life. No longer was I determined to have the big house, fancy car, and tons of useless possessions. I just wanted to be loved and to love, and I know that God provides this. Often when we take our eyes off the things of the world and put them on God, we have a significant awakening. Unfortunately, it can take a disaster or major life-changing event for that to happen.

Spend some time thinking about what matters most to you and invest your time in those things (as long as their not “things”). Investing in your relationship with God, friends, family and the community tend to have the biggest payback.

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  1. Jason I think this article was great! The interesting thing enough, is that this past sunday, our church had a guest pastor speak. And his message was about, the “worlds economy” and the “biblical economy”. If we invest in the worlds economy, we will never gain our rewards in heaven, and we will always feel empty. But, if we invest in the biblical economy, we WILL live happy on this earth, and our rewards in heaven will be in abudance. I don’t know about you, but Heaven’s Economy sounds much better to invest in, than the things of this world. Its amazing how you hear one thing in Church, and then you go elsewhere and hear it again, just spoken or written differently. God is great!

  2. Thank you Jason, once again you hit the nail directly on it’s head. Submitting to the Lord’s gifts, rather than those we attain as our possessions. It’s difficult for me, I have not been much of a materialistic person, but it is nice to know there is a roof over my head in a safe and kind community. That there will be enough for my daughter and I to live on, enjoy and not worry. AHHH.. Not to worry.. Isnt that Scriptural? I think it is. So, there in lies my difficulty. To not worry about the future financially. That there would be enough, that I would be healthy and able to work and that we would not be in dire straights financially. So, I Pray and wait on the Lord. Tough to not worry or be concerned. I am that, concerned. Which comes with divorce as the “retirement” plan is gone, medical coverage for me, gone. so. I Pray. I watch and I listen and I do my best to not worry but be prudent & mindful. Not sure but I think this post is selfish. Just reiterating to myself, reminding myself to be prudent, concerned but not to worry. Thank you for listening and for all you do!

  3. Claire, haven’t you heard the world is ending Saturday the 21st so there is no need to worry. 🙂 We all worry to some degree, especially about the future and taking care of the ones we love. But somehow each day we continue to live on. Persistance day after day with our eyes on the prize. Persistance = Faith… I’m sure if we were to have a million dollars in the bank we would still find something to worry about. 🙂 I am starting to learn to live my life with quality in mind and much of that comes with having a positive attitude and some days I feel all I have to be grateful for is that the sun is shining… but you know what? That is enough.

  4. It is Written that there will be a day, His Day. I also recall it being Written that we will not know when this day will come .. until it is upon us.. SO, I continue to be concerned… WHICH it is also Written that I should not do.. YIKEs A cirlcle of humaness despritly trying to find the connectedness of this world and the Kingdom.
    Thank you again for your spirited comments and humor.
    Love that. Keeping it real, keeping a stiff upperlip as my dad used to always say 🙂

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