Reevaluate Your Life

Divorce is one of those things that can buckle your knees and throw you into what appears to be an out of control hopeless situation. For many of us our families become our lives to the extent that it is all we live for, it is our purpose. When disaster strikes and the family unit is broken your options are relatively limited; you can either feel sorry for yourself while going nowhere or you can reevaluate your life and change your perspective.

After my divorce, the smoke cleared, I was forced to change my perspective on who I was, wanted to be and where I needed to go. I took a long hard look at my values and what mattered most to me. This was an eye-opening experience, and there were many things that I had to consider; one of which was – who was my true God? Did I measure life by my possessions, success at work, money and even family? I know one thing for sure; my relationship with God was not what it should have been – not even close.

There are times we become too dependent on those we love and put pressure on them to make us happy, to complete us in some way. The problem is that many of the things we expect others to do for us, only God can provide. Even as Christians we get confused about what the purpose of life is. I guess that is why Rick Warren wrote the “The Purpose Driven Life” but I have found that there are times things are more difficult than they seem and a book isn’t sufficient enough. We can read the bible, pray, go to church, set goals and hope for perfection but without action and putting into practice the things we learn, read or hear we aren’t going to experience the results we desire.

Imagine at any moment your life can be turned upside from many different directions, not just divorce. You could lose your job, get cancer, get injured in a car accident, break a leg, you name it – it could happen. In reality, the only real security we have is in the Love of God. He promises never to leave us, and He will always love us! Sometimes, no matter how terrible things may feel, you are blessed to be a child of God and divorce is never the end of the story, simply a new chapter.

As you reevaluate your life take a look at those things that you have neglected and determine if your values are on track for what you envisioned your life to be. Reach out to God and others to help you get your life heading in the direction it should be. Don’t let despair and fear keep you from reaching your full potential.

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