Chore Management Tips

As it is, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done, especially going from a dual role at home to a single role. Things have a way of piling up and as the pile increases so does the stress. However, there are some time management, or chore management tips that you can put in place that will help get things done.

Time Management Tips For the Home

Time management requires that you make a conscious effort to control the amount of time you spend on specific tasks. As you become more familiar with the household chores that were once foreign to you-you will get better at doing them, faster and acquire tools to be more efficient. Personal time management isn’t that much different from work time management – time is time and managing it efficiently does take practice and effort.

To begin with, you are going to need to know what chores need to be done and steps are necessary to complete them to make a task list, otherwise known as a “to do” list. Once you have your list you should prioritize them – ‘ABC’ (‘A’ being high priority). I would recommend the ones that are giving you the most stress you make a top priority.

Some chores are going to require specific tools to get done or require you to do in a particular order. Plan accordingly and try to have everything in place before you start the task.

Tackle big chores, such as house cleaning, over several days rather than all at once. I like to get as much done during the week as possible, so I have my weekend free to relax and have fun. Monday I will clean the bathrooms and Friday I do the floors. In between, I tidy up, do laundry and dust. If you stay on top of it your home won’t be a stress factor, and it will be a place where you can relax.

Get into a routine and do your best to stick with it; watch out for procrastination and analysis paralysis. Get up, get to work and don’t over analyze. Eventually, you will know how much time it takes for each chore and which night to fit it in. Just think how much you could get done during the week if you spent 30 minutes to an hour doing household chores. You may notice that you still have a couple of hours each evening to yourself for more enjoyable things. Which leads me to my next point… plan time for yourself!

Look for simpler and faster ways to get things done. There is a lot of satisfaction in completing the things that need to get done. We all have different demands on our time, and the better you understand where your time is going, the better you can manage it. Don’t add stress to your life by sitting around dwelling about what needs to get done – just do it.