Closer to Jesus

by Jason Deines

in What is God Doing in Your Life

Thank you Daisy…
My husband left our amazing marriage on May 9th. Literally walked, or should say RAN, out the door with a few things. I’ve seen him once since this has happened. There was no warning, no nothing. A few days of fighting after I found his phone records and him chatting with an old girlfriend who dumped him when he weighed 400lbs. Today he is an amazing 250lbs and looks great. However, he has turned ugly on the inside. My life for a long time was a fog of craziness. Roller coasters of emotions going up and down. I still cry almost everyday, but God has done so many, many wonderful things in my life. First he brought me closer to Jesus, and is building that relationship. I start each day with the Prayer of Jabez, and I cant tell you the amount of territory he has increased. More friends, more family are coming out of the woodwork to help me and the kids get through this. I know there will still be dark days ahead. However, with God’s grace and strength from him I will be ready for my “at bat” no matter what curveball life is thrown at me. God Bless everyone who is contributing to this website. It has made a HUGE difference in getting through the dark days of this divorce. I hope everyone here finds the strength to get through this. Remember that God will give you as many smooth stones as you need for your slingshot. You dont need an army to rid yourself of the giant enemy. Hugs to everyone-Daisy

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