Should I Give Up

by Jason Deines

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Submitted by Tmar

do i file for divorce or keep hoping for a miracle to occur? so far it hasn’t. cant keep on like this, it has been 4 months of separation and there is zero effort from husband, i thought there was hope at one time, but now i am starting to feel anxious like I need to get out of this once and for all, I hate living in limbo. there is always that hope that God will jump in and save my spouse and marriage, but I guess my prayer is to know when do I give up?? He has months and months ago. blah : /

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1 Jason

Tmar no matter the situation you should not let any single event control your life or your healing. I would try and move on, often our timetable and God’s are two different things. If you need to file for divorce to do that then do so. Otherwise just make a choice to move on with your life and see what happens later but get rid of expectations. Divorce does give a level of closure but it isn’t necessary to move on. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself!

2 shon

I am in the almost exact same situation. I love my wife. She is with another Guy but says she wants me as her husband.makes no sense

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