Where Do You Get the Time

Submitted by Alex

Jason, it was a blssing to find this web site. I have not found much on christian divorsed dads on line or at the book stores. When I read what you have on line in regards to when you found your self seperated and then divorced, all the similar feelingscame rushing back of when that happened to me. How did you publish a book? how did you find the time? We need more sites like this, there are alot of Christianmen out there that would benifit from learning from other men that have gone and know what they are going through. Be blessed brother.


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  1. Hi Alex, time used to be something that I had plenty of. When me and my ex went different ways we split custody of our daughter 50/50. When I was alone I struggled to find things to do with my time, you can only rearrange the furniture, clean the garage and mow the lawn so much so I took up reading and writing. You are right, there aren’t a lot of resources for men out there or single dads that want to be there for their children. I believe in selp-improvement and reading and writing helps me be a better Christian man, father and someday (God willing), husband; plus after 40 years of screwing around I find it fun. After 4 years though I am not sure which direction to go…

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