Rely On The Lord

I’ve noticed that there are many things people learn, including myself, after divorce one of which, to rely on the Lord. I have looked back and realized that I wasn’t walking with Him as I should and it affected our marriage. Of course, I can’t take all the blame for a failed marriage but I did have a part in it and maybe if my relationship with God or at least my understanding of LOVE was better things may have turned out different.

During and after the divorce process I was overwhelmed with a new understanding of who God was. I experienced His grace in a new way, and I had never felt closer to Him than I did during those dark weeks. I realized that I had not relied on Him like I thought I was and I needed to if I were going to rebuild a healthy and happy life.

After the divorce or any traumatic event for that matter, you have a choice to either seek God or not. As Christians we cannot rebuild a healthy happy life without God as our anchor; He is the only thing in this world that we can truly rely on – He does not waver. As you rely on God to help on rebuilding your life after divorce you will discover peace, maybe a peace that you never experienced before, and hope for what the future holds. Instead of spending your time with panic and worry – pray and worship; remind yourself that there are better days ahead.

God gives us many gifts as we rely on Him. We get peace for today, hope for tomorrow, the courage to face the unknown, wisdom to make good decisions and the strength to press on.

It can be very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when going through a divorce and rebuilding your life but it is there. I think the more we hold onto Jesus the sooner we will be lead from the forest, and we will be healed, stronger and happier – Rely on the Lord!

Life after divorce is what we make it; we can fill it with peace, hope, joy, and new adventures or we can feel sorry for ourselves and waste away without ever finding happiness and love again.