Always Preaching the Gospel

Submitted by Greg

I was married in 1982. 1 month before our marriage I was born again. My wife was born again about 2 years later. I began to preach May 2, 1985 and have pastor-ed 5 churches including the one she & I started some 5 years ago. She turned back to the world and it’s ways a little over 1 year ago. After 28 years of marriage, I have been devastated to say the least. I have not been mad at God nor have I turned back myself to the way I was before I was saved. I simply don’t have confidence in myself anymore. I’m lonely and dating a PREACHER is like having an incurable disease with women! That’s a fact I have learned. I’m confused about whether I should continue to preach due to the fact that I don’t want to give the gospel a black eye. Pray that the Lord will help me. I was very faithful to my wife, she was not. I’m hurting bad. God Bless. Greg

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  1. Greg all I can say is that if it is your calling to preach then preach. When I read the bible it is filled with people giving the gospel a black eye. We all make mistakes and frankly it is the pastors that confess and admit they have made mistakes or have the same struggles as the rest of us that are more credible. We can’t conrol what others do and if our spouse leaves we are helpless to stop them.

    I’m sure God has revealed some areas in your life you can work on to make you better and all your experiences, failures, successes, etc are what make you a good preacher; capable of connecting with people where they are. Have confidence in yourself, change the things that need to be changed and let God show you the path. In some form we are all preaching the gospel by how we live our lives… right?

  2. Jason, I’m so sorry to hear this. I think having confidence in God is what’s going to make the difference. These are hard times for you I have no doubt but hanging on to Jesus for dear life is really the only answer. Not all women think the same way so please don’t think it’s a fact about how we feel about dating a preacher. It’s true there are many surprising people who have made a big difference because of God and we can’t do anything that is going to thwart His plan. Please just remember that Jesus loves you so much and be encouraged as you take things a little at a time. Jesus is the Way.

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